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Lavenir CC Anti-Wrinkle UV SPF35 PA +++ (15ml)

Color Correction (CC) cream provides sheer, natural looking coverage for a radiant glow. Aids in boosting hydration while correcting skin imperfections and early prevention in anti-aging.

Lavenir Drop Skin Relief (15ml)

Drop Skin Relief is an anti-acne cream that helps to control & reduce the occurrence of pimples and acne. It gives oil control benefit by absorbing access oil. This light weight non-greasy formula spreads easily on the skin. It has astringent properties which makes skin soft and supple.

Lavenir H2O Replenish Cream (30ml)

Deep moisturizing cream that infuses the skin with all the nutrients to provide instant hydration and suppleness that last all day long.

Lavenir Instant Wrinkle Smoother Serum (15ml)

This amazing serum provides an immediate lifting and firming effect. An effective lightweight anti-aging serum which penetrates deep layers of the skin to stimulate and regenerate dermal connective tissues to increase and improve skin cell firmness and suppleness whilst keeping the skin hydrated for all day long. Instant lifting in 60 seconds.

Lavenir Regenerating Sleeping Mask (50g)

Lavenir Regenerating Sleeping Mask provides intensive hydration and helps regenerate your skin. Enriched with skin smoothing and radiance-boosting ingredients to help repair and nourish your skin while you rest, waking up to perfectly soft and supple skin.

Lavenir Vitalizing Milk (150ml)

Lavenir Vitalizing Milk helps to deep cleanse normal to combination skin while maintaining the skin pH balance. It moisturizes and softens the skin thus leaving the skin totally refreshed and radiant.

Lavenir Vitalizing Toner (150ml)

A gentle refining toner that removes impurities and dull surface residues. Skin will be translucent with smoothing skin texture that is long lasting.

Ice Age Crystal Cold Masque – 70ml

Abbygail Ice Age Crystal Cold Masque works overnight to recharge a youthful and luminous soft skin. Intensely hydrates, soothes and neutralizes skin irritants. Provides natural beauty treatment benefits in anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing as well as retexturizing. Helps to improve your skin regeneration, restore skin luminosity, promotes even skin tone, recaptures skin’s youthful vitality and reduces irritation and inflammation.

Ice Age Crystal Firming Moisturizer (Day Cream) – 30ml

This Phase is the corrective moisturizer day cream which combines effective blends of active ingredients to target and restore firmness, increase hydration and brighter skin tone. It helps to combat environmental stresses to regain skin youthful appearance.

Lavenir Diamond UV SPF35 PA +++ (15ml)

Advance sunscreen with intensive and specialized formulation which protects skin effectively from strong ultraviolet rays. It provides 5 in 1 benefit which includes UV Protection, Brightening, Hydration, Firming & Lifting and Oil Control.

Lavenir Spotless Serum (15ml)

Spotless Serum is derived from active ingredients which will reduce the appearance of scars resulting from acne, insect bite and injury burns. Thus leaving skin soft, supple & spotless look.

Lavenir Vitalizing Cleansing Gel (150ml)

This rich natural sulfate-free cleanser gel cleans away dirt and impurities from the skin. It also regulates sebaceous activities, restores skin’s natural pH balance and moisture. It is suitable for all skin. The special extracts formula contributes to a lasting skin brightening strategy. Helps lighten and even out skin tone. Leaves skin clean, soft, smooth, refresh and healthy glowing.

Ice Age Crystal Cleansing Milk – 200ml

Clarity cleansing milk lifts away make-up and impurities while maintaining skin’s perfect moisture balance for optimum radiance and perfectly refreshed skin.

Ice Age Crystal Re-Charging Cream (Night Cream) – 30ml

Abbygail Ice Age Crystal Re-Charging Cream, richly formulated with plant complex and advanced peptides that stimulates collagen and elastin regeneration. Promotes wrinkle smoothing and improve skin tone and elasticity.helps delay photo-induced aging and repairs UV-damaged prone dermis. Reduces expression lines and wrinkle depth. Self-regenerative technology to re-charge your skin overnight.

Ice Age Crystal Serum 30ml

Ice Age Crystal Serum is a unique serum to restore skin’s moisture and elasticity, wrinkleness smooth, instant lifting and skin texture smoothing effect. A potent combination of 2015 award winning active ingredients using self-regenerative stem cell technology extract and peptides makes up this amazing discovery serum.

Lavenir Luminous Cushion Foundation SPF50 PA +++ (15g)

A revolutionary liquid foundation in a unique cushion sponge with superior antioxidant and sun protection that seamlessly delivers instant hydration to the skin for a flawless, luminous complexion. This lightweight foundation leaves you a comfortable smooth texture & moist finishing as light as your second skin.

Hydro Make Up Removal – 150ml

Removes make-up quickly while soothing and conditions skin. Easily dissolve stubborn make-up, trace and mascara, even waterproof. Leaves skin fresh and smooth without oily feeling.

Hydro Cleansing Foam – 150ml

This lightly and soft foamy texture gently removes impurities and dirt. Instantly hydrates leaving skin silky smooth and moisturized finish. As well as this effectively cleansing foam help with oil-control, reducing blackheads and breakouts and promoting a more even looking complexion.