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Lavenir Instant Wrinkle Smoother Serum (15ml)

This amazing serum provides an immediate lifting and firming effect. An effective lightweight anti-aging serum which penetrates deep layers of the skin to stimulate and regenerate dermal connective tissues to increase and improve skin cell firmness and suppleness whilst keeping the skin hydrated for all day long. Instant lifting in 60 seconds.

Lavenir Spotless Serum (15ml)

Spotless Serum is derived from active ingredients which will reduce the appearance of scars resulting from acne, insect bite and injury burns. Thus leaving skin soft, supple & spotless look.

Ice Age Crystal Serum 30ml

Ice Age Crystal Serum is a unique serum to restore skin’s moisture and elasticity, wrinkleness smooth, instant lifting and skin texture smoothing effect. A potent combination of 2015 award winning active ingredients using self-regenerative stem cell technology extract and peptides makes up this amazing discovery serum.